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Bleasby, Halloughton, Hoveringham. Morton, Rolleston with Fiskerton, Thurgarton and Upton

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What is Christianity? What do Christians believe in?

For over two thousand years people of every country and every culture have discovered that through the story of Jesus Christ they have been brought closer to God.

Christianity remains the largest religion in the world and the Bible is the world's best selling and most read book. We believe that in Jesus Christ, God became human and taught his followers about belief, values, behaviour and the meaning of life.

Jesus Christ lived in what is now the Middle East. He was executed in Jerusalem by being nailed to a cross in about 30AD.

He was in his early thirties when he died. Jesus was put on trial for speaking out about his beliefs and criticising the values of the Roman / Jewish society in which he lived. He was sentenced to death and was crucified.

To the amazement of his followers, who watched him die, three days later Jesus rose from the dead. This experience transformed the lives of a group of men and women who were just like us. They had witnessed evil being overwhelmed by good; death overcome by life.

This was the beginning of Christianity!

We believe that by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ God guarantees that he will care for us for all time. We believe that the teachings of Jesus during his lifetime show us the way in which we should live. We try to follow these teachings in our daily lives and to apply them to our own situations.

No-one is perfect and we know that we all make mistakes, including ourselves! But we believe that Jesus death was for our forgiveness. God forgives us when we own up, say sorry to him and seek to learn from these mistakes.

We don't have many answers. Only God does! By entering into a relationship with God, through following Jesus Christ we look to serve him better with the life which God has given us. Life itself now has a new meaning. No failure or disaster can be beyond recovery.

Once we have accepted that God loves each of us, we look at other people in a different way - for God is equally concerned for each of us. Prayer, talking to and listening to God, is also for everyone, but it takes time and practice.

All the important things in our lives, work, leisure, sex, money and relationships, are of concern to God. Human beings are trusted by God to be generous with their lives in every way.

After our death we will account to God for the way in which we have lived our lives. We believe that there will come a time when all the dead will be raised to life, and the followers of God’s Kingdom will come to all creation.