Bleasby Hoveringham Morton Thurgarton Rolleston with Fiskerton Upton Halloughton

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Bleasby, Halloughton, Hoveringham. Morton, Rolleston with Fiskerton, Thurgarton and Upton

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Fees applicable to each of the 7 parishes in the Benefice of West Trent 2017.

Each to be paid with a single cheque to the treasurer of the respective parish church. No cash to be transferred.

Funeral Fees

For a service in Church followed by a cremation or municipal burial
(same for a Memorial Service before or after cremation)

DBF      £98.00  
PCC      £84.00

Organist     £60.00

Verger     £40.00

Church Maintenance   £75.00

Vicar’s Travel Expenses   £15.00

Total     £372.00

For a service in church followed by a churchyard burial

The above plus burial fees of:

DBF        £12.00

PCC      £279.00

Total      £291.00

Interment of ashes in a Churchyard (Burial of cremated remains)

PCC       £113.00

DBF         £38.00

Total      £151.00

A service at Crematorium or a Municipal Cemetery

DBF       £154.00

PCC         £28.00

Vicar’s Travel Expenses      £15.00

Total       £197.00

Marriage Fees

DBF      £193.00

PCC  Banns Read       £28.00

Certificate           £4.00

Fee    £231.00

Organist         £60.00

Verger         £40.00

Church Maintenance      £75.00

Total      £631.00

Additional Options

Bells        Upton and Rolleston  £66

Thurgarton £15 per rope

West Trent Choir    £100.00

Publication of Banns & Issuing of certificate

PCC        £28.00

Certificate       £13.00

Total        £41.00

For all other variations see table of fees for 2017. Click here